What is an SFA (sales force automation) system?

 SFA stands for "Sales Force Automation," and in Japanese it is called a "sales support system. It is a tool aimed at improving the work efficiency of sales representatives.

The use of SFA  https://slimtime.co.jp/  begins with the recording of data on daily sales activities, such as appointments, quotations, negotiations, and the number of closed deals.

As the data accumulates, it becomes possible to visualize the success patterns of sales activities.

By comparing the data of salespeople whose sales activities are going well and those whose activities are not going well, it is possible to clarify the problems.

What is the difference between SFA, CRM, and MA?

MA → Marketing Automation (automation of marketing activities)

SFA → Sales Force Automation (sales support tool)

CRM → Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

MA is mainly a tool to support the activities of the marketing department, while SFA is a tool to support the activities of the sales department.

CRM is a tool that aims to improve customer satisfaction and build good relationships.

The advantages of implementing SFA are as follows

Visualization of problems in sales activities

Improve the repeatability of sales activities and increase the order rate.

Field staff can focus on sales activities.

Basic functions of SFA

Potential customer management

Case management

Action management

Forecast and actual management

Quote creation and approval flow

Task management


It is important to note that having a lot of functions is not the best for your company.

Having a lot of functions often means that many salespeople don't know how to use them, and in the end, the functions are not used and the money is wasted.

In order to choose the best SFA for your company, you should first prioritize ease of use.

For this reason, choose an SFA that offers a free trial.

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